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(it's pronounced Empower, incase you were wondering)


Everything you need to build the business YOU want
under one roof including Masterclasses, expert led Content,
exclusive Events, and Inspirational Talks PLUS a Community, of amazing likeminded businesswomen. 

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Hi! ... we are Tracy & Kerry x (Tracy being the dark haired one Kerry the blond - we like to make things easy round here)

We’ve worked with hundreds of women to help them build their own version of a successful business.
As a member you will overcome your challenges, constantly learn and develop, collaborate and make a load of amazing connections. 
No matter where you are on your business journey, we are here to help you grow on your own terms. 
Turning what you already know love and do into a thriving business that gives you the lifestyle you dream of, is SO possible.

Achieve your Goals
Each month we add to our ever growing library of resources. Everything we do is designed to be picked up at any time to suit you, wherever you are in your business journey. Packed full of unique insights, tips, practical how-to guides, templates, videos and thought provoking content. Designed to give you the skills, confidence and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

Expand Your Skills
Learn and unlock your potential with our Masterclasses led by the best and brightest business minds in the world. Every month there are practical training masterclasses focussed on the tools you use in business like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Canva, LinkedIn, Planning Tools and much more.

Grow Together & Be Accountable
We run regular team challenges where we work together as a group to achieve something - that could be writing a 90 day plan, getting out of our own way, improving confidence, de-cluttering, you name it, we’ll do it together.

Access Exclusive Events
Join energising events, workshops and talks led by inspirational female business leaders, coaches, experts and superstars, live and on-demand.

Your not alone
Join us in our virtual office space
Come and work, ask questions, have a rant, have a cuppa, use a personal meeting room, ask for advice support, run things by us or other members etc - this is your chance to grab 121 coaching time!
Treat this space like you would the actual MPWR Office Space ;0) and who knows maybe one day!

There’s no room for competition here.
Share best practices, tips and advice and chat openly about your experiences and ambitions, with business women who know exactly what it’s like to be you.

The MPWR Community
When you run a business, we know how amazing it is!  But, we also know it can often be very isolating, overwhelming and very challenging, and more often than not, it's bloody hard going!
Here at MPWR we believe it's OK to have 'off' days, it's OK to admit you dont have all the answers, YET, and,
we beilieve you should feel that way too.
Asking for help is OK, not knowing is OK, and helping each other, sharing our stories and supporting each other is what our Community is ALL about.  
Join in the conversations, share when you are having a great day, share when you are having a not so great day and, if you think someone in the group is looking like they are doing way better than you, give them a shout and ask them how they are doing it!
Learn from them!

Build your Network
Feeling part of a community is so important right now. The MPWR Community, Business Club Membership and MPWR Networking provides just that.


No matter where you are on your business journey
- we've got your back.

“Being a member of MPWR has been amazing. As someone who struggles with my self-confidence, to be in a community of such supportive and genuinely down to earth women, has really helped with not only my motivation to keep going even when I’m struggling, but I’ve made invaluable industry connections. Joining MPWR has been brilliant for making connections, making friends, being able to get objective insight into where I can build on my business services and what support people actually require that I can provide. Besides what I’ve been able to gain for my business, I’ve also found the resources that other members offer is brilliant too. The members of MPWR all have skills, and collectively the access to information and knowledge is invaluable.”
Carly Crawford, Blogger

Do you relate to...

  • Self doubt creeping in, Imposter syndrome showing up?
  • One day you can feel excited, motivated and full of ideas.
    The next you feel totally lost, down and confused?
  • You talk with those around you, and they make you feel deflated?
  • You have a million thoughts and ideas but don’t know where to start?
  • You feel stuck, you’re fed up and know something has to change?
  • You are doing what you are doing to have the best possible life but it certainly ain't that right now?
  • Everyone else seems really successful, but you’re not?!
  • There’s just too many hats to wear when you have your own business?

Well. firstly let me tell you  – all of that happens to most of us at some point or other, BUT, what we want you to know is that we can help you with all this, and more.

Our community of like-minded businesswomen, get you!
They too feel all that, or have at some point, and through sharing we can help each other. 

“The best thing about MPWR is The people. Whether it’s being inspired by what another businesswoman has achieved or commiserating over the many struggles that we come across as part of the natural order of things it’s a wonderful group of women. There’s a real emphasis on support and learning from each other, even among ‘competitors"

Sarah Dixon, Bid For Success

It’s time to nail project ‘YOU’, invest in your business and start showing up. We ask our Business Club Members to...

  • Commit to at least 15 minutes a day to be within the community. Be visible, engage, contribute. This is your community. Your network. Work at making sure everyone else knows who you are.
  • Dedicate time each week for learning and development by delving into the content available in in our ever growing library of downloads, checklists and workbooks and attending or catching up on the live Masterclasses, Workshops and talks.
  • Read! We suggest a book a month and then share our learnings and thoughts, encouraging you to do the same.  These learnings are all things we can all apply in our business/lives.
  • Join us in Office Hours.  Come and work, get your questions answered and bounce ideas around.  Make the most of 121 coaching opportunities and all the expertise in the room that our members bring.
  • Join Online Networking Get Togethers. Get to know your fellow members, personally. Chat and share stories. You won’t get asked awkward questions or put on the spot for a pitch.

    “There are people like me in this group!…. What I really enjoy about MPWR is that it gives me the courage to do it…. and also to appreciate there are different types of success…. I just find that MPWR is a really nurturing environment to be in.
    Your return on investment is great; the free courses as well, we had a great instagram course recently, I have put so much of that into practise already, and a 90 day planning session, and it’s all included in the subscription, it’s absolutely brilliant.”
    Hannah Swierstra, Balance VA Services
And ....it's all completely RISK FREE! 

We are sure you are going to LOVE MPWR Business Club Membership, but, if you're not 100% happy with what you see, then let us know, within the first 14 days of joining and we will issue you a no quibble refund!

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(did we mention it's just £9.99 a month (plus VAT) and even cheaper if you pay annually as you get 2 months FREE) 

“MWPR just helps you dream bigger, think bigger and helps you get there which is so important…..The best thing about MPWR is that it serves me as a person. I have cheerleaders 24/7 to celebrate wins with me. For me….. it’s really about it nourishing me, me running the business…. it’s such great value for money.”

Grace Abell, Founder Abell Design

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